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M. Yoder
"We fed Formula M for years, cows were doing good...but when milk prices went thru the floor we decided we needed to cut corners, but after a year and a half, we decided we cut the wrong corners! We are back to feeding it again. Cows are happy again."

B. Thornton
"I have been using Frank Lampley's Products for nearing 15 years. I have had success with every one of them and I have used them all! I can't imagine our operation without them. I hope I never have to try."

G. Jackson
"My horse, Tennessee, was foundered. She was down and did not want to get up. I ordered Formula 49 and started feeding it to her. Within 2 weeks she was up walking around healthy and happy."

G. Emerson
"I have used Lampley's A-Z for grass fed horses with great success and health of horses for several years. My favorite is White Lightning for emergencies. I am very happy with all the products and continue to use them."

L. Kuepfer
"Thank you so much for your products and for your speedy service. I am looking forward to using your products again. We used them some years ago when we had a herd of dairy goats and had fantastic results. I just got back into the goats again a few weeks ago and am looking forward to using your products again!"

N. Mast
"We use Formula M for our cows and Vitamix on serious cases. After using Formula M for about a year we decided to quit, that we're wasting our money. It was then that we found out how much it was helping. We started using it again and have been using it for about 4-5 years. I would recommend it for dairies especially if you're AI breeding."

D. Toay
"We starting using Formula M and Vitamix for our dairy herd. We have definitely noticed a difference, especially during the hot summer weather. Vitamix has been very beneficial for our fresh cows."

U. Yoder
"I've been using Formula M for almost 3 years now and I wouldn't want to be without it. Vitamix has helped a lot. I've also been amazed with the drastic results of White Lightning. I always have it on hand. Thanks for creating these products!"